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The project called; BSI "Broad Sweeps of Imagination" -1334405-2007-TR-Comenius-CMP is one of the projects of Comenius Multilateral Projects of Life Long Learning Programme; which was accepted in 2007 according to the application of Göztepe Ihsan Kursunoglu Anatolian High School and Kadiköy Provincial and District National Education Directorate.

The BSI project has brought together partners from Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania and will be carried out in two years.

The main aims of the BSI project include:
- Disseminating a new teaching method to redress the widespread deficiency in communicative language teaching and usage.
- Supporting diversity in the context of language-teaching methods through an adaptation and dissemination phase of the BSI method.
- Proving the universal applicability of this innovative method.
- Sharing the ideas and best practices in LLP-Life Long Learning Programme
- Helping enhance the quality and European dimension of being a language teacher.

Before the finalization of the BSI Project, we are pleasure to announce you the dissemination symposium which is going to be held in Ankara with the support of the European Commission for the sake of the dissemination and integration of two successful centralized projects: BSI "Broad Sweeps of Imagination" ( www.bsiproject.com ) and CAFT " A Comparative Analysis of Folk Tales" ( www.caft.gazi.edu.tr ). In addition to this, the symposium will be enhanced with the participation of Turkish National Agency and Foreign Language Teachers (English, German, French, and Italian etc.) of Istanbul Kadiköy Provincial and District National Education Directorate to inform about the best practices and preparation of successful European projects in our country.

To speak up the effectives and matchless harmony of two centralized projects the Dissemination Symposium of "A Common LLP Ground: BSI + CAFT " will be held on 5 November 2009 at Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education Foreign Languages Department / Block C .

The agenda and content of the symposium are available on the website of BSI project; http://www.bsiproject.com
Teachers who would like to join should fill in the application form and make a reservation until 20th October 2009 by mailing or calling the following addresses and phone numbers. zuhalyd@gmail.com +90 505 251 41 32
pgerceker@yahoo.com +90 505 829 62 66

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